Miljandro2 ban appeal.

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Username: Miljandro2

Reason: Hacking (unapproved mod)

I recently I got banned for using a waypoint mod. First of all, I need to say that, my ban was fair. I knew it was bannable, yet I still did it. I was completely aware of the consequences, but I still did it.

I still want to say sorry for using the mod. I originally thought it didn't give players any advantage, but after thinking about my ban, I realized that it does give an unfair advantage to the players who use the mod.

The reason why I used the waypoint mod in the first place, was because I tried to combat the lag when travelling, but it wasn't worth it.

While I acknowledge that bans for hacking are permanent, I still hope I get a second chance, SV does mean a lot to me, and I'm sorry for making the server worse for everybody else. I'll surely make the most out of it and avoid this from ever happening again. I know that I don't deserve a second chance, but trust me on this one, it won't happen again.

Until then, goodbye. It was fun. Thank you all for making this server so unique for me.

P.S. The reason why this appeal came out to late is because I took a lot of time to think about my ban and the rules.

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