PyroSlice ban appeal

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I was banned last night after playing for about 6 hours. It says I was hacking but I was not! Tutgub was with me as well the whole time and he can vouch that I was not cheating at all. It kinda pissed me off because we had just gotten to the site where we were going to start building (over 11k out) which took us multiple hours since we died a few times. I love the server, but I have no idea why I would be banned for no reason. When I was banned, I was about 400 blocks away from our building site, which me and Tutgub are starting together. After all that work trying to get to our new place, I got banned less than 400 blocks away. Please help



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I was the admin that banned you.

I actually had another admin watching me stream while I checked in on SV (Clu404). We both watched you fly from tree to tree as you explored your area. Being that it clearly states in our rules that hacking is NOT allowed. We will not be unbanning your account. You may return on a different account if you so choose.


Appeal Denied


Thank you!

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