ReconGamer9799- Applying for a Appeal

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I have realize i have done a terrible mistake and had infromed the innocent members of the community a terrible, tragic,  action. since then i have realize my mistake and had reform. i am now here asking for forgivness to get unbanned so i can play with my friends on your blessed server. I hope this message recieves to you in a good manner, and i am truly sorry for this mess. I would never conduct such behaviours in my life again. if i am hoped to get back on this server i will never repeat such action and only play by the rules. The reason i got banned was becasue of foul language. 


sincencerly - Recon gamer 9799  



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Hey Recon, we decided to change your ban to a 3-day temp ban. If you'd like to return in a few days, you are welcome to. Please just be mindful of using appropriate language that is in line with the rules. This server is a family-friendly server, and the language that was used many times is not acceptable. Hope to see you again soon with this in mind, thank you for appealing.

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