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So earlier my brother went on my account SohhLegend and was playing in this server and said foul language he specifically told me he said some people were saying some foul language in the chat and he participated in it by saying something inappropriate then got kicked and banned. I'm not sure exactly what he said but can you unban my account please I've been on this server for a while without violating the rules and have a lot on this server so please get back to me as soon as you can. 

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I am not the moderator that banned you.

However, upon reading logs, you were banned due to usage of racist words. 

While it may be possible it was a sibling, the accounts usage relies solely on the owner of said account, and usage of the account by someone unauthorized is not an excuse. As such, the account will remain permanently banned unless an administrator overrides this ruling.





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Thanks for taking the time to make an appeal. Occasionally, bad actors will jump on our server and troll or try to overwhelm the chat with obscene or inappropriate language. It is never OK to join in or say things that are completely unacceptable, regardless of who is behind the keyboard. You're welcome to come back to the server on another account, but as Faring said, this one will remain banned. If you do return on a new account, I strongly recommend that you not let others play on your account, as it is the account that may lose access, not necessarily the person behind the account. 



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