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My ign is iai456 aswell as my banned other account Isabell456

My time zone is GMT+8

I don't remember how long i have played minecraft but i was one of the orignal players from years ago

I have been playing on strickly vanilla for about a week i assume but due to my sleep pattern being wack i cannot be sure

I want to be staff as it has always been a goal as mine as well as i like helping new plays and feel good when i help others usally by giving information.

I am not in any majour factions and i dont think i will be

I will not abuse power that is given to me as i know if I did it would be instantly taken away and most likely banned so there is no reason to risk it

The rules for players i feel is to just play normal vanilla minecraft without going off topic in chat into innapropriate discussions and not using foul laungue in public chat

I am perfectly ok with getting banned should i mis-use and power given to me

I have already started to work my way up from the bottom in normal game terms but i am willing to do so with staff ranks 

I dont believe there is any other imformation i need to reveal but if need be i will awnser any questions


Thanks for taking the time to read my request sincerly, Isabella (iai456)



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Hello iai456! It's nice to see that you want to help the server by becoming staff . But, admins usually like players to be playing on the server for about 6 months before considering their staff appeal :-). So, you can re-write your appeal on about 6 months. Until then though, you can still help the server by remembering the rules and not breaking them frequently :-). Who knows, maybe then you'll be part of a group or have more inspiration for your staff appeal by then! :D

-  _MrTortoise_


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what does this -1 mean bro?


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