Staff Application

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Your In Game Name 


What time zone are you in?


How long have you been playing MineCraft?

2010 ish

How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla?
About a month now.
Why do you want to be staff? 
Inforce the rules, make sure everything is in check, make sure no one is up to anything bad in chat. 
Are you in any major factions? if so what one? 
No, lone wolf kind of guy. 
Will you abuse any power given to you? 
No. Never have and never will. 
What are the rules for players in your own words? 
Guidelines to keep things in check and not have total anarchy.
What are the Rules for staff in your own words? 
Make sure everyone is alright when it comes to connections with other players on a personal level and understand their situation before trying to resolve it if it comes down to that. 
Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found? 
Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?


Any other information you would like to provide.

I'm on and off the server, due to mind blocks where I just do not feel like playing the game at all. Im working on being able to push through it but that is one thing of information I thought is important. 

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