Nvmethesniper's Ban Appeal

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My in-game username is Nvmethesniper. I was banned for fly-hacks. I installed hacks for the first time ever to use on my survival world but then my friend invited me to play on your server and I totally forgot that I was on the client and I accidentally activated the fly hack while trying to message my friend and didnt know how i did it so I didnt know how to turn it off so I freaked out because I knew I would be banned.I have deleted the client and Im gonna go on my survival world without using hacks so that this never occurs again.I understand that this is against the rules but it was purley by acccident.I understand if you do not want to unban me but I assure you it will not happen again I deeply apoligize.



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As you've said, you won't be unbanned, but you are welcome to return on a different account.

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