Ban appeal of CursedNeptune and SandEatingFish

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I was recently banned for exploiting the voting system. I admit to using "hacked" accounts that I received from a website, I did not know that this was against the rules and I thought that I was in the clear. Before the actions that led to both of my accounts getting banned, I asked one of your moderators (Kajmot) about how the voting system on this server worked and asked is temporary accounts were allowed, I was told that temporary accounts were allowed as long as i "owned them". I also asked them if I needed the transaction id of the accounts and I was told i didn't. I now have learned that using such websites is strictly prohibited. I simply misunderstood what your moderator informed me of, and I do sincerely apologize for my actions. I hope that my ban period on both accounts can be reduced. Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal and I hope you will have a good day.

Edit: My other account (SandEatingFish) didnt do anything wrong and wasnt even online during my actions and I feel as that it was wrongfully banned.




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Hi. id like to go over a few things.  firstly.  you asked me about voting on alt accounts. my responce was.  as long as you own, or have rightfull ability to be using the account.  im ok with it.  many people have multiple accounts. or have their familys accounts. and use their phone or vpn to vote for each one. what you did. and admit to doing in the above post.  is use feely avalable hacked clients.  to try to gain extra fish.  im sorry, even if you missunderstood me the first time I explain the system. you still went out of your way to use hacked accounts on the server.  you did so while boasting openly about it too, i found that very odd to be honoust. I recall you asking me to ban you on one of the accounts you where using. when I didnt. you started swearing and asking to be banned. exploiting our systems something we take quite seriously. Appeal denied. 



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Id like to inform you that this user is now dead sadly. Pay respects to neptune.

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