E-chest full of shulkers - organization?

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A couple of maps back, I had basically "everything" in my e-chest - I could go anywhere and establish a base very quickly without having to farm any resources, because everything I needed was there in e-chest. I had 16 shulkers dyed, one in each color, and the color represented (to me) what the contents were. I think there were a few duplicate colors, and undeyed to round it out.

So my question is - how would *you* organize your 27 shulkers, and what colors would you use?



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Well I do this too, the colours have basically no meaning to anyone but me lol


But you gota have a wood shulker, which is brown. You gota have a shulker for minerals:coal, lapis, redstone.. mines black atm. I have one for glass and lights (cyan), one for potions with all the componants(white), and a shulk full of gunpowder (dark grey).you need some building materials like quartz, stone/brick and concreet(lightaqua), and one for all your tools.and weapons (dark green)


Then I end up with misc shulkers for other stuff.. so my system needs work lol

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