Westerncactus -Appeal

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Username: Westerncactus

      Hi, I was banned for using a X-ray resource pack a few years ago. Since then, a friend of mine has started playing regularly on the server and I'd like to join them. I'm dedicated to playing strictly vanilla. I have never used any other form of cheating and to remove the temptation of cheating, I've completely uninstalled the pack. I understand the rules forbid all forms of exploits and cheating and I plan to strictly adhere to them. I look forward to becoming a regular on the server. 

Thank you for your time,




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Unfortunately, any xray or other type of hacking is always a permanent ban on the server.

However, we will welcome you back on an alt account. We only ban accounts, not the player. (Barring a few rare exceptions including those who threaten the server)

Sorry, but the appeal for the specific account Westerncactus is denied. However, we hope to see you back on an alt account :D

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