Mattpew22 staff application

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Hey it's mattpew22

I hope you are doing well.

im here today to give you my staff application.

I'm not saying that you need to give me staff. but I would be happy (:




 (Tokyo)Japan I hope it is fine to have international staff 



10 to 8 years But I have been playing Java for a year

6 to 7 months

Well first of all I can flex on all of my friends. Second of all I love taking a leadership role in real life and online is it would be great if I could take this role.

Nope I would take this role seriously I will be active on the server 24/7 checking for any cuss words or bad behavior but I would not do stupid bans or misunderstandings.

Well first of all have fun. Don't have a bad attitude towards players because they are just trying have fun. Don't spam in chat cuz it's annoying.

Don't be a neek. Get to know the community. Try stay active as much as possible. Don't abuse your power.

Yes it's the right thing to do for players and me.

Yup I'm a true grinder.

I have full netherite and stacks of diamonds I am very stacked.



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