Advancements Got!

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Hello Hello everyone! I have managed, to get ALL of the visible minecraft advancements on SV, and, managed to screenshot almost ALL of them! So I thought I'd share those moments with you! :D





























































Yes, I killed that in mid air :D

















Oh guess what... hit me :) That's also where I I have lost my Nether shulker box lol.



that used to be a lava bucket on my hotbar :)


uh. No.


There we go :) How did I get here...



Hope you had fun! :D...



(Warning Team)

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GG Tort :D



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i am already preparing "how did we get here" for the benifit of us all. i have found a monument and we can use the village for the raids, gg on the advancments and. "the end again", and congratulations. thanks.

dongo of kongo

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