Allowed Mods for 1.18

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Since the mods need to be updated for the website, I would like to take this oppurtunity to suggest some additions to the allowed mods list. I believe that all of these mods would work great with a vanilla game.

AppleSkin -

Client-side mod to see extra information about hunger and saturation. (currently only fabric, but a forge version is expected soon)

ItemPhysic Lite -

Client-side mod that keeps items flat on the ground when dropped as opposed to hovering.

Farsight -

Client-side mode that doesn't remove visited chunks while still below the client render distance. Causes no additional server load/lag. Unvisited chunks are still not visible above server render distance.

ShulkerBoxTooltip -

Does what it says on the box (press shift). Suitable replacement for current shulkerbox viewer.

Map Tooltip -

Just like the shulkerbox tooltip, you can see what map is in your inventory without having to hold it.

Beenfo -

Adds a tooltip that states how many bees are in a hive/nest. 

JEI - Currently not yet ported to 1.18

Just Enough Items is a good mod to have in any game.



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Thanks for taking hte time to put this together Knockout, really appreciate the effort you went to :) I've been meaning to do this for a while and just never got around ot it - hope some get approved :)

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