Salo Scavenger Hunt (1.17 Map)

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Hi all!

Now that the 1.17 map is available for download, I want to share the Salo Scavenger Hunt minigame I have been working on the old map.

To reach Salo, you should TP (or fly) to -56.817 / -15.986 (or -7160 / -2008 Nether). You will find a book there at the shore of Salo, looking something like this:

The book will contain the story of Salo (full of hints) and the official list of books to find in the scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt has two difficulty levels: "Info Book" (find all info books) and "Clickie Book" (you guessed it).

How to play:

  • Everybody starts at the same spot in front of Salo
  • The "Guide to Salo" with all the hints is also located there
  • Search Salo - No block breaking, no water of lava placing! Ender pearls and Elytra allowed
  • When you found all books, let us know! ??

Thank you Mak, Akseli, Adumbal and Kiwi for playtesting. Have fun, y'all! :)



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