discord ban appeal

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my discord tag is D15c4rd#1086

and i was banned because i kept making unfunny jokes and acting like an idiot despite everyone telling me that i was lucky multiple times but i kept pushing my luck until i got banned

i want to be unbanned because i think the behavior that got me banned was from me being 12-13 (i forgot how long ago i was banned) and my behavior and judgement has changed for the better since then



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Well. A month late, but, if you got banned from the discord, there was a really good reason for it. We have ex-staff, ex-hackers, and all sorts of people in the discord banned from the server but not the discord. So whatever you did, was serious enough to ban you from there. 




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can you ask someone why i was banned then

you're denying based on an assumption about something that happened multiple years ago

it's not like i was racist or murdered someone

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