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Hello Strictly Vanilla. I am posting an appeal for my ban which occurred roughly 13 months ago in January of 2022. I apologize if I misremember any details of what happened but I will try to explain the best I can. I understand that this is a longshot of an appeal but what happened never quite sat right with me and I would like to clear my name regarding what happened. 

I was banned for duping and using exploits, but I have never personally used duping or exploits on a SV server or on Minecraft in general. (I don’t even know how) I was a part of a large group called the order. (8 or so players) Myself, and most of the group, never participated in any hacking or exploits. Many of the others in this group are not banned on SV even after what happened. The main players who participated in this were Ubitnik, Alkryn (Which I learned today) along with, possibly, Mortenchops. 

I want to be clear and admit that I was aware of the duping being done but stayed quiet or lied about knowing. This was mainly out of fear of losing the huge base that myself and the other members worked on legitimately. As a Warning team member, I understand that I failed my duties as a staff member in this regard. I am not asking to be given that position back now or in the future. I certainly messed up in that regard. 

That being said, I did not participate in any of the exploiting or duping that went on. I have attached screenshots of conversations showing that I not only did not know about the duping until Mortenchops told me about it, but I was against it and told them several times to stop duping and that I wanted nothing to do with it. I also included a screenshot of when Ubitnik posted in our group chat that he had duped and a message Mort sent me regarding this. The release of the seed using exploits was also part of this issue. I included a screenshot of when I first learned about the seed along with the rest of the group which was when Mortenchops sent it in our team chat and tagged everyone. The other members of the group can also confirm that this is how we all first learned about the seed. I never attempted to distribute the seed to anyone. I also believe part of my ban involved the griefing of player Bel456's base and it was believed that I used the seed to find her base and duped TNT to blow it up. I have provided proof in the past that she sent me her coords and the tnt was farmed using a gunpowder farm our team built. The admin team knows this is a real farm because they later destroyed it. This grief was not my proudest moment and was done in part to trigger the admin team as I felt I was unfairly being treated by them. That being said, it was a completely legitimate grief. 

I was also banned from the discord shortly after my ban from the server because I was arguing against the accusations of duping made against me. 

To summarize, I am not trying to claim to be a victim or say that I did nothing wrong. I kept this information from the staff in fear of losing my base and to protect myself and other team members who did not participate in this activity. This was wrong and I should have come forward right away. However, I want to state again that I never used any exploits or participated in any duping. I hope this explanation makes this clear. 

I am asking to be unbanned and allowed to play on SV again, where I played for a very long time in the past and always did so legitimately. I’m not perfect and have been involved in drama on the server before but I have never used duplication glitches or exploits. I am also asking to be unbanned from the discord. I am NOT asking to be given my staff position back as I understand my actions led to the stripping of that position rightfully.

Even if I remain banned for what happened, I understand, and I appreciate the opportunity to clear my name from the accusations. I thank everyone who took the time to read this and too all the players who I got to meet during my time on SV.




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We have discussed this and given all aspects of the situation your accounts will not be pardoned, however you are welcome back to the community on a new account.

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