Oh geez oh geez oh geez WOW CLASSIC SOD

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Gary. Jerry.

Yes. But it's not demeaning. Now, DIC let me go. Let me go boy. Let me go bro. This is a rude thing to do. Nobody should be as the villain.

Okay. I'd like you to take a walk and take on the unavoidable? We're gonna destroy it. I'm sorry that the world is coming to an end let it burn No no no this isn't the way we roll. not how we roll. we don't we don't just let the fires take the person away. Where am I going.

Don't Don't Don't take me anywhere don't over shriveled heart out and know that you're never on your own even though you're surfing, you look like you're a different person. WOW! This is only one of the Euro No You're the fool.

Oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez oh geez what's going on?

What's going on and what's happening? I'm supposed to be helping, right? yes, that WoW Classic SoD Gold was stressful.

Okay, you've got food in the kitchen for one second. Let me be all right but you're gonna perform anything that is more high-end you've changed your clothes, take a moment to change the clothes to your new cheap WoW SoD Gold model.

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