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Since this appeal is about your ban for language that is all I will discuss on this form. We here on this server do classify the word "****" as a sware word, we normally give temporary bans for chat offenses. today you were warned once, kicked twice then finally issued a ban for using language that we do not accept on this server. the language we decide is not to be used, is not to be used regardless of context or personal opinion. 

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Reguardless of the history of the word, the current usage of it is in substitution of 2 other words that are also not allowed. The past and current usage of the word are both inapporpriate words and topics for a child/family friendly server. I for one do not appreciate being called such a word by someone who just joined our server and can't take being trolled. Given the fact that you can't take being trolled and think so little of our staff, before even getting to know us, as far as I am concerned you are permabanned. Good day sir.

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