Jul 01, 18 14:43



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I just heard about this server and it says it has a whitelist. I looked around the website for a whitelist application but to no avail. My username is Copycat__. I'm sorry if this isn't a proper application but i would be more than grateful if someone could point me to one

Jul 01, 18 19:52



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Sorry for any inconvenience to you, but the server is currently under a temporary whitelist. I will mention your post to an admin who should reply soon :)

Jul 01, 18 23:19



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We will not be adding CopyCat_ to the whitelist at this time, this is not repercussion to anything you've done wrong. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, this whitelist is temporary. 

Jul 06, 18 14:34



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I know that it's unlikely that I'll make the whitelist, but I'd like to be considered because I miss my castle quite a bit and would rather not start over in a new server. My user name is Ellathena42.

Jul 06, 18 15:45



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no one will need to start over, the map will stay the same and you wont lose anything. the whitelist is only temporary.

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