Whitelist? Banned... death of server

Jul 07, 18 22:00



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Wow, i'm a Father, business owner and minecraft gamer.   Its clear looking at the player count that whitelisting killed the server.   i have not played here in about 6-7 months and was shocked to see I couldnt login, check on the old build, or chat and see what was new with the community.   Obviously you all do not want others, and it reminded me of how frequently i would get yelled at for acronym use.    Farewll SV, deleted from my servers list.  o7 ~geekrawker

Jul 07, 18 22:19



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hey my dude, you seem to misunderstand the purpose of the whitelist it is just a temp thing while the command block systems on the server are being reworked. Not to keep new players away if you would like to be whitelisted you may ask on the discord server. sorry for the inconvienance.   

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