1.13 upgrade!

Aug 05, 18 7:05



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Hey everyone! The time is finally here for SV to be upgraded to 1.13. This is of course very exciting and I for one can't wait. Over the next couple days you may experience some downtime on the server while our admins are hard at work upgrading us to 1.13. Be patient and 1.13 will be here in no time! Thanks and have a great day 


Aug 06, 18 11:16



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Update to this - the attempts to upgrade our existing 1.12 map to 1.13 failed, so a new, fresh map has been created and put into place. To those who were assured that it would succeed and this comes as a surprise to, you have my apologies -  we all should know by now that when it comes to Minecraft version changes, nothing is guaranteed, so I'm sorry I didn't keep this fact in mind when addressing your worries.

The old map will be available for download in the future, keep an eye on this thread or Announcements (here or on the Discord)

As per tradition, nothing tangible from the previous map is carried over - this includes items, vote fish balances, echest storage, etc. Ranks remain the same, but you may need to poke an admin to get yours back.

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