I was banned for (not) using X-Ray cheat

Aug 06, 18 21:34



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7/8/2018 3:39 AM

operators of vanilla survival server (mc.strictlyvanilla.org)


Before you start reading this post , i have to apologize for my bad grammar (I am not a native English speaker) , I am tired and writing this at 3:24 AM. hope you understad :)



Yesterday ,I got banned from the server for the reason of using X-Ray (6/8/2018 around 11:30PM). I was spectaded by an Admin (he was probably using the sectator gamemode).When i came from the mines to my underground shelter , I already saw him destroying my chests and furnaces and replaceying it with obsidian. He moved me back to the main spawn and after it i got instatnly banned , making me unable to explain my case !


I noticed the server's map (mc.strictlyvanilla.org) has been regenerated to handle the new version of the game (1.13). My friend and I both joined the server as fast as possible (Yesterday around 5 PM).We planned to visit the location of our previous base on the previous map (map of 1.12).We both took a random teleport and after couple of deaths we managed to find some material to craft a beds.My friend had to go so i started to play alone.I planned to go to our previous base location (x10000 z10000) to make our base hidden from another players.It was a really a long distance to beat without using any nether portals. I took a boatride to see the new beautifull oceans. I know 1.13 quite well. I was also diving under the water to find some ship wrecks and take the loot from the chests. There is always an item called "a burned map" in one chest in each wreck. I got bored ,so i starded to search for the underground treasures. I found seven of them in total. I didn't even know , that you can find such a cool loot there ! I found 20 diamonds and 25 emeralds and some other cool valuable stuff.  Every 2 000 blocks i placed a bed to survive the night and in the meantime, i was mining some resources (especially iron and coal).When i sent the last vote , i got level 31 , so i took all my iron and i made an anvil to fuse all the enchantment books ,found in the treasures, with an iron pickaxe together (Unbreaking II , Mending ,Efficiency II). The night passed so i went to the location. When i came to the 10000x and 10000z i was really surprised , because what i expected was a lot of water and endless ocean not a VILLAGE. I Immediately went to the library and took every single bookshelf.I missclicked on the villager and noticed his awesome trade (1 Emerald for 13 books)! I was having two stacks of them so i gave him everything i could. I had 58 emeralds in total. I immediately started to trade as much as possible . I traded my 90% of my emeralds for a Diamond pickaxe with Efficiency II and an Iron pickaxe with Fortune II ! I started to dig into the mountain. I placed a bed with couple of furnaces and chests there. I set a spawnpoint  and went mining with my new overpowered pickaxes. I remember, when I found a three diamond ores next to each other and dig them with my iron pickaxe with Fortune 2. I didnt get three diamonds, but eight ! I clicked literally five times and i found another diamonds. I used my Fortune II pickaxe and went back mining. There was a dirt there , so i took a shovel and woulah another diamonds ! I knew this looked really really suspicious even to me! I better went back to my bed and than i was totally shocked about the fact , that there was an Admin standing on my bed durning the whole time. Well, sorry , but the operator ruined my game progress which took me about whole day to achieve !

My friend and I have been playing on the server since one and a half month ago.I was searching for a great vanilla server with a nice community and after some time i managed to find it.We have never had any problems with breaking any rules.We just wanted to play the pure game without any mods or extensions installed. I am an old school player (i play since 1.7beta).I know really a lot about the game (commands/gameplay/redstone/etc.). I know how hard it is when it comes to making a decision whether a player cheats or not.I do have planety of screenshots, but i dont think they will help you with anything.I've almost never been cheating on any game. I've never been usning any cheat engines because of my valuable Steam library. I came to the server for playing , not for cheating and destroying the enjoyment of the game. And i forgot to mention , that there are no mods/extendtations for 1.13 availible ,not even a Forge or Optifine. Durning 1.12 I used to have Optifine installed , but I guess , this does NOT count as cheat !


My nick in the game: georgesadames                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Thanks for understanding of my case and your time. I hope this will be solved as fast as possible.I expect a message of the verdict to appear in the comments section.

yours faithfully 


Aug 07, 18 5:49



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Oi, can u unban this guy, there are probably no cheats for MC version 1.13 yet.

Aug 07, 18 6:35



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Yes , there are almost no extensions for 1.13. X-ray cheats haven't been updated yet and all of those x-ray resourcepacks just don't work because stone cannot be made transparent !

Aug 07, 18 16:35



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Afternoon mate

That is a very long appeal and ill be honest I didn't read it all. You were banned for using x-ray which is a permaban offense here on sv. I personally had been watching you and you showed very common, clear and definitive attributes of x-ray. You may return to play on sv on another account if you wish to play honestly. 

Appeal Denied.

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