The Egg.

Aug 11, 18 23:14



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As many people know by now the dragon egg exists within my posession.

An idea to display the egg at spawn has been put forward.

Id like to add to this idea and ask what players would think about adding a button that gives out the achevement for holding it to the display.

This way anyone going for 100% achevements will be happy and everyone will still get to enjoy seeing the egg now and then. rather than it just sitting in someones enderchest for eternity. 

Aug 11, 18 23:20



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I love this idea! +1

Aug 12, 18 10:01



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As long as the admins have a solution to prevent players from stealing the egg, fine by me


Aug 12, 18 10:45



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Aug 12, 18 10:52



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I think it's a great idea, and you're very nice for wanting to spread the advancement around.

Aug 13, 18 12:17



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+100 if sigma players cant hold it..... +1 if they can I SUPPOSE......

Aug 14, 18 14:23



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+1 on the display and signs crediting the killers ;))))))))

+1 on the achievement

Aug 14, 18 17:55



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-1 only former sigma members should have the glory of the egg touch sorry nerds 

Aug 14, 18 21:14



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+1 to this, make it a memorial even, with posed armor stands or a MC sculpture of those players fighting the dragon or holding the egg (or just their heads on a wall, if we're being lazy)

Aug 15, 18 0:05



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+1 - so in my long history of playing on strictly vanilla the egg has never been displayed at spawn.  Chatter lately is that sigma would like to display the recently captured egg at spawn.    I think this would be a great way to entice newcomers as well as help preserve the history of those who engaged the dragon during the 1.13 upgrade.  I think this would be a great addition to the spawn environment (particularly those who enter for their first time) who would then see the dragon egg and then become ever more excited to play on the server.  I respectfully ask that the admins credit the faction involved with the eggs capture during the upgrade to 1.13. by providing a sign that attributes credit as such.  I heard talk that a pixel art design may be a possibility as well which would be really neat in spawn!  

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