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Oct 01, 18 2:01



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Hey I'd like to appeal being banned for swearing. I really enjoy the server, and I'm also extremely sick, so I'm half here, half gone. I've tried to be really careful about swearing, but it's kind of autopilot for me. I'll type something, then click enter and seconds later be like "oh no" I also haven't ever used swear words that are too cras... I've said the s word once, and then I said the word that defines as "a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, the resulting reservoir being used in the generation of electricity or as a water supply." + n, and then I simply asked if the opposite of heaven was a bad word, which apparently it was. So I was banned, but I was merely asking if it was considered a bad word. I'm asking to be unban because not only do I enjoy playing on the server, I like the challenge of not swearing like a sailor. I feel like it's a bad habit and this server is really helping me overcome it. Thanks! I'm joliverg, signing out. I really hope you consider this appeal. We're all human after all!

Oct 01, 18 17:40



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The word you used didnt mean a barrier to hold back water. There are two completely different spelling of both words with two different meanings. (  )  Here is the first time you said the swear word that is not allowed --- > After I warned you for saying it (I can pull from logs if needed), you said it again ---> but subsitution. Subsitution is not allowed which resulted in your 3 day ban from breaking the rules 3 times in a row. Ive changed your ban to a 1 day, but next time be mindful of the rules. If you have a question about a word, msg a staff member. If you continue to break the rules, you will get another 3day or a perm ban depending on the staff member who is on at the time.

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