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Oct 14, 18 9:09



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Dear staff,

I was banned for duping back in the 1.12.2 map when there was a big duping problem. When I heard about people completely destroying spawn simply by using some glitch that made them rich, I started to get curious. I admit using the exploit, but it was a big mistake that led to this and I am trully sorry for what I did. I understand that duping ruins the fun but I was new to this and didn't think about the consequences. It was all my fault. I just want to get into the new 1.13.1 server and leave my mistakes behind.

P.S.  I only duped just one pickaxe that I burned afterwards.

And again, I'm sorry.

IGN: The_Arma

Oct 18, 18 17:41



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Duping is a permanent ban, and we do not accept appeals for it. However, I will let an admin reply when they have time. They have been busy recently. On another note, please CHANGE your profile picture. It is not appropriate for this server. Thank you.


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