The secret iron farm mechanics in Minecraft you don't know

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I have kept these mechanics to myself mostly so I can dominate the bulk iron market on sv, but I don't play as much so it sharing secrets!


There are 512 valid spawn points in the 16×6×16 block spawn area
chances of a missed spawn are thus
( 1 - ( valid_spawn_points / (16*6*16) ) )^10 * 100% 

Iron golems require a 2x2 space to spawn, so always make your platforms 18 blocks by 18 blocks. this ensures no matter where the game tries to spawn the golum, it can. if it were 17, if the game picks the 16th block then there would be a wall at 17 and the spawn would fail. 

|                               |
|                               |
----------- |       |  -------
|                               |
|                               |
|                               |
-----------|       | ---------

Iron farms operate in a tiered structure. 1-4
an iron farm will spawn 1 iron golem per tiered village at random chance if there is not already a golem in said village. If it's a tier 1, I will spawn 1 golem, tier 2 will spawn 2 golems at the same rate that the tier 1 spawned 1. making tier 2 twice as fast as tier 1, and tier 4, 4X as fast as the standard iron farm.

The first tier requires 10 villagers and 21 houses. This will spawn 1 iron golem per attempt so long as there is not already a golem in the village. the farm will try to always keep 1 golem in the village.

The second tier requires 20 villagers and at least 21 doors. I usually do 24 doors for symmetry, 6 doors and 5 villagers on each side. This will spawn 2 iron golems at the same time assuming the spawning attempts pass, which it should if your farms interer space is 18 x 18. This farm will always try to keep 2 golems in the village at all times.

The third tier requires 30 villagers and 30 doors I believe. you may be able to pass with 21 doors since tier 2 doesn't have a door change. but I have always matched doors to villagers 1 to 1. I don't know if that is required. This farm will always try to keep 3 golems in the village at all times.

The Fourth tier, you guessed it, 40 villagers and 40 doors(maby 21 doors, never tested). This farm will always try to keep 4 golems on the farm at the same time.

each farm extends, 32 blocks I think from the center of the farm, and you cannot overlap the farms, so build as many farms as you'd like 64 blocks apart. You can build 8 tier 3 iron farms in the shape of 2, towers each with 4 stacked iron farms, with an entity count of 240 villagers and will spawn 24 iron golems every opportunity to spawn a golem.

This method provides for easy, early game iron and more iron than you could ever need. these are passive iron farms, so no need to rebuild the farm every restart or unload like those stacking iron farms, and produces just as much iron if not more.

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This is a secret?

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