1.13.2 Creative Server is live once more!!

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The 1.13.2 Creative server is LIVE!!

The creative server is now open to all whitelisted players. The server currently includes:

  • 51x51x62 plots!
  • public flat world for building!
  • Contains a GRIEFLESS SURVIVAL WORLD!! This includes Overworld, the Nether, and the end!

The spawn of the creative is the same as last map, built by Alkryn (A huge thank you to her for it. <3) And contains portals to reach each location.

As you spawn in, if you go immediately left and jump off the bow (Front) of the ship and into the square of blocks, you will immediately enter the Survival Worlds. If, however, you decide to head straight and cross the bridge connecting to the Great Tree, you will have two portals, one on each side of the trunk. The one immediately see nsi the portal to the Plot world. As a note, Donators with the light blue name get World Edit!! On the other side of the tree, is the portal to the community building world. This is a generic Flatland building area, where the whole community can come together for large projects!

To be able to join the Creative server, You must ask for a whitelist from any of the administrators, however usually the best choice to get it is by directly messaging me on Discord, @FaringUnnatural#6666 or Saenaria on the discord server. (That link is on the Home Page of the forums.) Once whitelist is obtained, you may connect at GM1.StrictlyGaming.org and ensue in your building dreams, unrestricted by obtaining the materials, or to proof a build before applying it in the survival server!

If you have any questions, or comments, you may post them below and I will read through them and if there is a bug, Please report it! It would greatly help out with improving the system in place, and make it more fun to play!

Happy gaming!

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