Ban appeal

Feb 20, 19 16:19



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It might seem sketchy that ive been banned twice in two days, but this time i dont think i did anything wrong. Basically what happened was people were questioning the rules of the server, and talking about debates. I got a warning for saying "Lmao" out of instinct because lmao is a naughty word uwu. I got kicked for asking if I could say laughing my apples off as a replacement, but the reason wasnt for saying it, it was for arguing with  mods. I then asked again and got banned. I dont think im in the wrong here, I just wanted to know if I could say something, and i wasnt being snarky about it either... i just wanted to know. There really needs to be a better system of talking to people before kicking/banning them

Feb 20, 19 16:31



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banned for arguing with staff.

explained the reason for the ban in discord, Naz and Faring both there for it. 

ban will be lifted in three days


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