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Mar 03, 19 19:40



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Mar 03, 19 19:48



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Hello oRealityz, I am glad to hear that you have changed / seen the error of you ways and grown. In my opinion you are not welcome back to this community, I am fairly certain that the majority of the community will have the same opinion. However to be fair I will ask that everyone, who wishes to, make thier feelings on the matter known. If by some chance I am wrong and the majority thinks you should have a second chance then you and I will have a long talk, as of now the ban stands. 

Mar 03, 19 19:51



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My thoughts: Allow one single chance. If any toxicity of the past shows up, he's gone. even if it's just a tiny bit. IN addition, he must follow rules to the absolute letter. He should have an absolute strict watch on him at all times, at least for a full year starting from the unban date. Any slipup will result in an immediate ban.|
These are my thoughts. I leave my opinion here, and will allow others to post their own.

Mar 03, 19 19:55



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Under the circumstances of your ban, I personally do not believe you are welcome back here. You have done damage to people personally, and you have taken it outside of the server to torment and harass them. I certainly to understand and am glad to hear you have grown as a person. However, I think it is best that you try to find a different community to involve your new self in.


Mar 03, 19 19:57



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 In my opinion you aren't welcome back, not only for the nature of your ban, but the fact of taking it outside of Minecraft to harass individuals, there's some damage that cannot be undone.
However its not full up to me, but the majority.

Mar 03, 19 19:57



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I will always back Sae. that being said.

If you are unbanned

1, no tolerance to ANY rule breaking. no matter what. you slip up once gone.

2, one account only. you bring an alt its the end. full ban, ban on the forums. 

however, I am not okay with lifting the ban. 

Mar 03, 19 20:07



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You have alts you can use if you just wanted an experience of playing on SV. The only motive I see for your main account being unbanned is to reclaim your name. 

In this case I vote for pardon on a no tolerance basis as would be standard. I also believe that you should be subject to the same rules as all other players, which allows for alts.


Ty also brought up a good point in a discussion we had. Why should we "let" him be back instead of ignoring his true account and letting him play unbothere'd on an alt. To which my reply is if he's come back to make right by his name and make the server a more populated and enjoyable experience for other players he shouldn't be shunned by staff or else that makes us morally compromised

Mar 03, 19 20:07



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I have to agree that the majority of those here wouldnt enjoy having you back. As it has been mentioned several times now you have caused damage outside of the game itself. Its one thing to tease someone that you know but another going around to people you dont know takes things to a new level that can cause some serious harm and that is not okay under any circumstance. So no i don't think you should come back to this particular community even if you have changed, which i do hope you have, it is best if you find another community to be apart of and start new. 

Mar 03, 19 20:16



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I'm afraid that you arent a changed person. Cause in the past youve stated that you've changed but you've proven the opposite. I usually see the good in people, but I cant say yes or no for the uplift of your ban. Whatever Sae decides, then I will support. 

Mar 03, 19 20:35



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I've heard good things about you since the incident, so I would give you one chance. But I'm with Mrs, if you are anything less than a model player, break ANY rules, then you are gone for good, do not pass go, do not collect vote fish.


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