Was the PermaBan an accident?

Mar 19, 19 17:25



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I was banned for what i believe to be because i had spoken about a guy i knew who was a junkie (i didnt realize at the time that there was anything inherently wrong with that because in my town drug abuse is common and kids are taught from a young age about it) after i was called out by a moderater i apologized and was banned within a few minutes after. Now here's the issue, it was a little past 2am and i my reflexes were sluggish at best, i was told something from the moderator and if i read it right (or remember at all) I read something among the lines of "actually", "goodbye for 3 days" I only had a second or two to read before I was booted, I come on today (if i recall right its been 3 days) and it says ive been banned for chat infringements. Whoop de-doo A+ to me, anyway I never saw anything about a time period of me being banned, so for clarifications sake, was it an accident that I was banned permanetly

Mar 19, 19 17:27



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If it was meant to be a temp ban i think they remove them manually or upon request after three days so maybe it's just been forgotten. If so an admin will hopefully remove your ban soon.

Mar 19, 19 18:47



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Hello. I am the moderator who applied the ban.

Your ban should be lifted at 12:00 AM EST tonight.

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