how not to get xryaed by the guy whos best at catching them

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In the spirit of the how not to get greifed by a greifer post demon made, there is  

how not to get xryaed by the guy whos best at catching them.

I won't cover the topics covered in demons post( so here is how to hide your stuff in the event someone did find your base even tho you followed demons suggestions.

Hackers and xrayers can see all storage types and entities. So every chest, furnace, dropper, shulker etc. glows real bright. There are a few ways to fight this.

1: Ender chest with shulkers!!!!!!!!! This is by far the very best way to avoid getting your stuff stolen, it isn't the most storage but its quite a bit. while not easy early game, it's the best option you can have.

2: donkeys and lamas. While hacked clients also can show the location of passive mobs, there are so many in the world and esp at bases. most hackers have passive mob detection turned off in favor of making it easier to see chests. else their hud would be spammed. So storing items in donkeys and lamas makes it invisible to most peoples chest esp. Xray can still see the entties obviously but its easier to overlook than chests are and xrayers are less common in terms of raiding than hackers are.

3: obfuscation: obfuscation is the hardest to do but it is guaranteed to force a hacker to move on.  Hackers hack because they are lazy and hacking gives them the advantage to accomplish their goal better and faster. obfuscate your chests in this manner, every 5 blocks deep underground place a single chest, do this for a 100x100 square. enchase every chest in obsidian, and pick randomly a few of these chests to have items in them. the rest will be empty. The hacker will see a HUGE grid of chests light up underground, he will dig down to loot and find that he needs to mine obsidian hundreds of times with empty chest after empty chest.  they will move on after 5 or so empty chests.

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Good advice, I had not considered #2.

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In the old days people used to make x-ray shields using lava, but a lot of tricks like these don't work on the newer clients.

Mar 31, 19 19:12



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Pfft bacon thinks he knows what hes talking about. I've never been XRAYED so my advise is better automatically.

1. Don't build a base. (building bases gives xrayers something to xray and we dont want that.)



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Thank you Ty! Very cool!

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Bacon you'r not the best at catching them but ok

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