Ban Appeal Format :) *READ if you would like your appeal taken seriously*

Mar 23, 19 14:13



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When appealing your ban, it is important to start off by stating your in game username, both in the appeal AND in the title. That way, we as staff are able to look through our logs for your account.

Second, you should explain why you are banned and what you did wrong on the server. 

Third, you will want to explain how you know now that this is not correct behavior and what you will do to improve your behavior on the server from this point on if you are to be unbanned. Remember to be especially thorough in this part. We are looking for players who wish to better themselves to play on our server.

Finally, be patient with replies. Our staff members are all volunteers. We will try to get in contact with the person who banned you if at all possible within 24 hours.


Thank you once again for reading this, and I wish you luck with your ban appeals!


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