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Apr 05, 19 13:49



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Dear Strictly Vanilla,

I, dogwithnoears, a few years ago got banned from the survival server for using an xray texture pack, i know its very stupid of me and i shouldnt have done it but i would like to apologise for letting you down.

my username is dogwithnoears if you're wondering and if i am let back on the server i promise to play fairly and not do it again. This server was a server i really REALLY loved and i just want to be able to go on it again and remember all the times i had on there, im deeply sorry for this. Please forgive me :( <3

Apr 05, 19 13:55



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Thank you for taking the time to appeal to your ban. You were banned for use of XRAY which is an offense that leads to a permanent ban. The account will not be unbanned. However, you are welcome to return on another account.





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