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Apr 11, 19 8:50



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MY IN GAME NAME: My in game name is _MrTortoise_. You might have also seen me with the names MariosXD, ErrikosGr, _Mr_Tortoise_ .

MY TIME ZONE:  Becoase I am don't really understand time zones, I will just say that I am in Greece.

HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN PLAYING MINECRAFT: Well if I am correct, it is probably 4 years or 3. It was before 1.9 for sure.

HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN PLAYING ON SV: I think it is about 3 years since I first joined SV, with the other names mentioned above.

WHY I WANT TO BECOME STUFF: I love SV, and I want to keep people who want to destroy it's kid friendliness away, and rule breakers in general. I think the server lacks warning team near my time zone.

AM I IN ANY MAJOR FACTION?: Yes I am!in 2 factions at the same time. One of them is Enderco, together with JustEnder_ who is the leader of the group, fruitface, Basalisk , Inseqor , loqkloqkson and more! I also recently joined Sigma, the biggest faction of the server.

ABUSING POWERS?: Never. If I am given any sort of power, I will use it only to keep BAD people away. If I do so(which is very unlikely) I do accept getting banned.

PLAYER RULES: No spamming, no politics,religion or other inappropriate for kids topics.No more than 2 words in caps.NEVER call out spec, if somebody tells you to stop talking to him, stop. Just play the game. No swearing no hacks, and no texture pack which in any way reminds x-ray.  Also do not use glitches to see through blocks, and NEVER break bedrock.

STAFF RULES: Easy. Be calm, nice, make the others understand the rules and don't abuse powers. Help whoever needs help in knowing rules and that sort of things.

ANSWERED BEFORE: Yes, I do deserve and accept getting banned if I abuse the powers given to me.

WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT!: Ouf course , everything life goes from the bottom,all the way up! Who builds skyscrapers starting from up to bottom! Nobody! So yes, I am willing to go from the bottom and work HARD to go all the way up!


Your friendly Tortoise, _MrTortoise_.          Have a nice day!

Apr 12, 19 11:48



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+1 great guy

Apr 12, 19 15:53



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Forgive me for my big and small 'mistakes'



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