WilletTheSkillet ban appeal

May 07, 19 17:09



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WilletTheSkillet is my ign

i was banned for saying "oh no don't crapping ban me"

another mod named Kajmot told me that if i say the word crap that i won't get banned. I said the phrase stated above and lordbaconite banned me for chat infractions can i get unbanned please?

May 07, 19 17:17



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you were banned for general chat infractions, while crap is acceptable, you were banned for the previous 11 chat infractions and several warnings. Chat infractions typically are a 3-day ban, and so your account will be pardoned on the 11th of May. When you return please behave more appropriately, there is no hard line of chat infractions, if staff perceive you to be toying with what is acceptable, you will be permanently banned.

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