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Jun 02, 19 19:59



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1.14 has introduced a mechanic (bug/glitch?) where the growth of certain plants can be forced through the use of zero tick movement.

This concept is explained in this video:

My question is are we allowed to do this on the server or will it be seen as exploiting a glitch.

Jun 03, 19 5:33



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This is not permitted as it runs the same basis as duplication.

Permission denied (And can be confirmed with by admins)

Jun 03, 19 7:11



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But what could you possibly need 40000 bamboo for?

Jun 03, 19 9:21



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Ya no, We dont allow the use of glitches on the server and its obviously not intedned behavior. I appreacte you checinking tho. these 0tick growing glitches arnt allowed for these or suggercane or cacictues or whatever else it can work on

Jun 03, 19 10:18



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Thanks for the reply. Fully expected this answer but it was worth checking just in case!

Jun 03, 19 11:49



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I mean, who needs those  boring 0 tick bamboo farms, when he can make large bamboo farms with pistons and flying machines! 100 times more fun! And probably laggy :-)

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