Wizzyful's Ban Appeal

Jun 03, 19 2:22



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IGN: Wizzyful

I received a three-day ban for saying too many vulgar phrases and words such as "lm*o" and "*ss." It has always been a habit of mine to say such things online over text messages, DMs, or in the chat, so at first, it was hard for me to quit the vocabulary that I have used for years. As soon as I started to get better and even warn other people when they said such things as well, I slipped up by calling my friend a "head *ss" in the chat. I am deeply sorry for anyone offended by the word I used and it will not happen again. I had brought my friend onto this server because I came to the conclusion that the community here was great and it was an overall fun vanilla server to be on. After hours of traveling to settle down, we had just begun to build a base when this unfortunate circumstance happened to me which prevented my friend and I from having a good time. Again, I am sorry for the words and abbreviations I have used.

Jun 03, 19 5:11



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Thank you for appealing. However, your ban will stay a 3 day ban. In the meantime, please read through our rules and hopefully by the time you come back, you will not break them.



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