Mob drops

Jun 11, 19 0:05



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Is it possible to add a shop to spawn for mob drops?  At least until the mob glitch is patched?
Ender pearls, slime, and even gunpowder are much harder to come by all of a sudden.  I'll pay with VF if I have to.
I don't want to resort to raiding to try and find an echest.

Could have the added benefit of getting more people to vote if the powers that be are undecided.


Jun 11, 19 14:21



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+1 could even be done much more easily with signs since its just temp

Jun 11, 19 16:15



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I remember last map, we had a villager that gives us food if we trade him bones or rotten flesh

Jun 15, 19 9:08



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Great suggestion, would make 1.14 more enjoyable. Sadly, owners/admins on sv don’t seem to care / have time for suggestions on this server, even if many people vote for it

Jun 24, 19 12:30



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Might be an idea to post it to the discord, as I know Bacon is there a lot and would see it...



...and lets face it, it would take Bacon about ten seconds... :)

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