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Jul 01, 19 11:39



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Hello my in-game name is shnaeky. I've banned for swearing, which is true although I've been warned. Even after the warning, I did not swear. But anyhow I still get that ban.

Jul 01, 19 16:20



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Hello. I'm the staff member who issued the ban.

Your statement is completely incorrect. When I logged in, I immediately said to quit cursing. Shortly after, you said " That's so f*****g epic" and were kicked as a result of that. Shortly after you returned and I made my last warning to you and the other player swearing, you proceeded to say "F" in one message, followed by "U." Simply following up with the phrase "ha you thought" does not mean all is forgiven, as it is clearly pushing the rules and a threat to swear. I issued a three day ban on your account due to the complete inconsiderate nature, as well as ignoring the rules and requests from other players in the server having repeatedly ask you to stop swearing. 

We have rules on the server for a reason, we have children play here. Your refusal to follow the rules shows a blatant disreguard for others, and you are lucky I didn't make the ban permanent. If there are any more rules broken, you will earn a permanent ban.

I hope this clears up what exactly you did, and why your ban will not be removed until the ban expires.

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