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Jul 31, 19 18:26



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Hey Mods, I'm going to be completely honest; I don't remember hacking on your server. I have a hacked client, an old version of wolfram meant to run in 1.9. Either, I did hack and I am truly sorry, or I didn't and there is some mistake. I don't remember if your server has pvp, but if it does that is where I hacked. I'm sorry if this ban appeal leaves out details or is cryptic, but I don't remember being banned so I can only really guess. If I hacked on your server, it was not good behavior on my part, and I would not hack again on your server. If I am unbanned I will not ever hack again on your server. Don't take this part into consideration, but I have a friend that plays online (IGN: billydanuke) and was apparently chatting with a mod about this. He wants me to play on this server but I have no idea how long I am banned and if it is permanent. If you do not accept my ban appeal, please atleast tell me how long my ban is.

Thanks, ultramarioman

Jul 31, 19 18:33



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I'm no mod just a rich boi who helps out when all others are AFK

Aug 01, 19 8:47



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Hello, I am not a mod either but I am warning team member. Usually hacking is a perm ban and staff usually never accepts bans that were caused by hacking. If you don't hack you are always welcome to play on another account if admins don't accept you ban appeal.   -Thank you :-)

Aug 01, 19 14:47



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Good afternoon, 

I appreacte you takeing the time to appeal, however hacking is a perminat ban on our server. We do however only ban accounts, not players. So you are more than wellcome to return to play on our server on another account solong as you will follow the rules this time. 

Appeal Denyed.

Thank you


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