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I was banned for asking to be banned:

As you can see, I was very rude to Mak. I had been pushing him for quite a while (about 15 minutes, maybe more) and eventually got bored and just asked to be banned. This all started with a dispute over the rules. I understand that a child-friendly server should have rules such as these in order to protect their players. I respect Mak for being able to stay calm and patient until I got bored of my trolling and I apologise to him for my actions.

I would like to be unbanned because I currently have no server to play on and am looking for somewhere that doesn't have game-breaking plugins and non-vanilla features. If I were to come back I would continue to play the game on the understanding that there is no need to bring up sensitive subjects in chat, and that pushing the rules again will only get me banned once more. It's not my server, so I don't get to choose the rules.

I will also add that I am currently away and unable to play the game for the next few weeks. This will give me adequate time to cool off and I hope that by the time I return I will not have the same negative attitute that I showed earlier this week.

Aug 23, 19 21:59



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Hi, I am the mod who banned you. Given your admittance of what you did, your apology, and what I believe to be sincerity, Im going to approve your unban. An admin will unban your account when they have time. I hope that you follow our rules from here on, and that you enjoy this server as I do.

Appeal approved.

Aug 24, 19 6:46



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And I suggest you also check out the rules here, on the forums :-). They are much more detailed than the ones on the book :-).

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