Welcome, To Jurassic Park!

Aug 29, 19 11:01



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Hello everyone! My name is _MrTortoise_ ,or 'Tort' as many people call me,and the past 10 months I have been working on a huge park, called "Jurassic Park' based on the movie 'Jurassic Park'.


I though it would be nice to share screenshots of it here, and thank everybody that help me. As John Hammond once said 'This Park wasn't built only for the super rich people. Everyone in the world has the right to enjoy these animals'

So, sit back, and enjoy!

'Dr.Grand, and my dear Dr.Sattler, Welcome, To Jurassic Park!

'They are moving in heds....They DO move in herds!'

'Welcome, To Jurassic Park!'

'What do they got in there, King Kong?'

'No wonder your're extinct! I am gonna run you over when I come back down'

'Ian Freeze!' 'Get the kids!'

'They, they are flocking this way!'

hide behind the fallen loggs!

'Velociraptors are pack hunters'


'Clever Girl..'

Aug 29, 19 12:34



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Congrats! Nice job! :)

Aug 29, 19 17:03



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Wow, it looks great Tort! Ill have to come for the tour sometime when I have time


Aug 29, 19 17:06



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Part of your advertising campaign should be that both me and Sir_Barista died on a tour


Aug 29, 19 17:30



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And Indey died from 3 different dinos

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