AidanSkyYT Ban appeal

Oct 19, 19 18:31



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Hi my name is AidanSkyYT.

Ban reason:Hacking.

I admit I was hacking and im sorry. I will not hack on SV ever again.

Oct 19, 19 18:40



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We thank you for admitting what you did was wrong.

I am not the moderator who banned you, however hacking is a permanent ban offense for our server. You may feel free to return on an alt account, as long as you agree to not hack in any way, shape or form again. This includes:


    1. flying;

    2. super-jumping;

    3. using an alternative client that provides the player with an alternative gaming environment; or

    4. Using any method that is not normally permitted by the parameters of the server.

  • A player must not exploit Minecraft bugs or glitches to provide him or her with an unjust advantage.

    1. Breaking bedrock;

    2. Duplication;

    3. X-raying; or

    4. ender pearl portal glitching,

    5. Any other methods that are not normally permitted by the established parameters of Minecraft.


These rules can be found here: StrictlyVanilla Survival Server Rules


Have a good day :D

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