Staff Application: Bobmcgob

Oct 27, 19 19:15



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Your In Game Name: Bobmcgob


What time zone are you in: GMT+10


How long have you been playing MineCraft: The very beginning of Beta


How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla: Since October 2013. Though I took a 3 year vacation when I became a father.


Why do you want to be staff: I enjoy being a part of the SV community and believe I am capable of contributing to its growth.


Are you in any major factions? if so what one?: I currently spend my time at a base with MakthePenguin and a few others. The collective noun for a group of penguins is called a "Waddle" but I doubt he would let me call ourselves that.
I have been invited to visit many groups as a guest previously but I have never formally joined one.


Will you abuse any power given to you: No.


What are the rules for players in your own words: Have respect. Respect for the players - No swearing or hatespeech. No spamming. No mature topics, including, but not limited to religion, politics, or adult themes.
Respect for the staff - No disputing staff rulings or disciplinary action. No arguing about the interpretation of any rules.
Respect for the Server and Vanilla experience - No hacking or scripting. No bug exploits or glitches that would give an unfair advantage. No unapproved mods. Especially those that would greatly alter the Vanilla nature of the server.


What are the Rules for staff in your own words?: Staff are held to a higher standard than the members they police. Always follow the rules. Never abuse your powers for any reason. Always remain civil and neutral especially in the presence of SV members.


Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found?: Yes.


Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?: Yes.


Any other information you would like to provide: I already try to contribute to the SV community as best as I can. I vote regularly. I instruct new members on the mechanics of the server, Votefish, Spawn TP and the end portal travel, etc. You only get out what you put in.
I have two young children who I hope one day will be able to play on this server with me, the same way Advocaite was able to with his. This application is a step towards making that happen.

Oct 27, 19 21:57



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Oct 28, 19 15:08



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Active and helpful player. That was my opinion of him before I began basing with him, and since getting to know him better that opinion has only been reinforced. I think you would make a great addition to the staff. 


Oct 30, 19 11:09



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Donated: 20

+1 from me too! Well written application, active player, and in a timezone that we (I think) have only 1 staff membee in (kajmot) :-D

Nov 01, 19 7:39



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Donated: 140


Good guy, knows rules, active, and possibly the most mature written application I've seen, with complete sentences and everything. :P

Nov 03, 19 16:01



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Donated: 50

yes +1 good app good guy

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