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This is our spawn, as you can see it is a large spawn that is because there are many features here and it is a hub for many
things. This screen shot was taken facing west.

On the Southern shore of spawn is the large New Bean tree, this is where all new players begin.

Under the New Bean tree are houses that have villagers in them, who offer custom trades.

Suspended from the New Bean tree is the Jail, this is where we send hackers.

In the Center of spawn is a large castle, this structure has random teleports for each cardinal direction.

On the North Eastern shore is the bank. This is where you can trade your vote currencies up for larger ones,
or break down larger ones into fish, you can also withdrawal and deposit vote fish.
On the lower floor of the bank is the safe player to player trade room and the safety deposit room, for explaination
of these rooms see below.

On the Northern shore is the Mini Game Hill with teleporters to different minigames.

Explanation of the New Vanilla Bean quiz: New players must answer all three questions correctly to get out of the start
rooms, if at the end of the quiz any of the three questions were answered incorrectly they will be sent back to the beginning.

Explanation of spawn protection: We have the normal server spawn protection in the center of spawn, around that is an
extended protection area. Within all of spawn players are in adventure mode and are unable to interact with objects,
break blocks, or pvp. Once you leave spawns protection you will get a message in chat and your game mode will update
to survival, once this update occurs you can interact with objects, break blocks, and pvp. If you re-enter spawn your game
mode updates again back to adventure mode.

Explanation of Porting to spawn: The command for porting to spawn is /trigger Port set 1. Porting to spawn requires you
to have 5 vote fish in your bank to get to spawn via the port trigger. This is a one way trip to spawn, how you get home
is up to you, for anyone unaware of this you can go through the end and when you exit the end it takes you to your bed.

Explaination of Safety Deposit Room: A place you can safely use your shulker boxes at spawn, instructions are on the
signs in the room.

Explaination of Safe Player to Player Trade Room: There are ender chests in each side, enter the room and close the
door behind you. There is an opening in the glass for you to throw the items you wish to trade, the items will be moved
to the viewing area. If you agree with the items the other player has put into the viewing area right click the accept sign,
if you do not agree with the items offered by the other player right click the cancel sign.

Explanation of voting rewards: Every time you vote you receive 4 vote fish, 2 virtual vote fish that are deposited into your
bank and 2 physical fish go to your inventory, on top of these rewards you will also receive either 1 vote xp bottle and roll
the dice or 5 experience levels, these rewards alternate every other vote, you must be logged into the game to receive the
xp levels. If someone rolls 12 on the die everyone online gets 5 bonus vote fish deposited into their bank. You can vote on
4 sites each day, so if you vote on all 4 sites in the same day you will get a total of 8 vote fish deposited into your bank, 8
vote fish in your inventory, 2 vote bottles in your inventory, 10 experience levels, and roll the dice twice, without any bonus
fish from rolling 12's that totals 36 fish per day.

Explanation of the larger vote currencies: At the bank you can trade up your vote fish for larger currencies which some of
the shop keepers want for the items they sell. You can also break down larger currencies into fish to deposit into your bank.

10 Vote Fish = 1 Vote Bottle
100 Vote Fish = 1 Vote Note
10 Vote XP Bottles = 1 Vote Note
20 Vote Notes = 1 SV Token

Many players on the server build/repair/contribute to public farms, these farms are typically just outside of spawns protection.
Since they are player built/maintained and not within spawns protection they do get griefed from time to time but most times are
a good place to grab some food if you are a new player.

The rest of spawn is full of beautiful buildings and secrets to find so have fun exploring!

List of all triggers:

Survival Server

/trigger GetInfo set 1 - Will display in chat, the link for this page.
/trigger GetInfo set 2 - Will display in chat, the link for the Discord server.
/trigger GetInfo set 3 - Will display in chat, the link for the Report Players thread.
/trigger GetInfo set 4 - Will display in chat, the links for the vote sites.
/trigger Port set 1 - Will teleport you to, the center of spawn.
/trigger stat set 1 - Will display in chat, the total amount of vote fish you have in the bank.
/trigger stat set 2 - Will display in chat, the total times you have voted for the server.

Skyblock Server

/trigger DelHome set 1 - Will delete your current SetHome.
/trigger Home set 1 - Will teleport you to, your current SetHome.
/trigger Market set 1 - Will teleport you to, the Market Place.
/trigger SetHome set 1 - Will set your home to your current location
/trigger Teleport set - Will request a TPA to the player with that number.
/trigger koth set 1 - Will teleport you to, the King of the Hill minigame.
/trigger payAmount set - Will set your pay amount to that number sky credits.
/trigger pay set - Will pay the player with that number the amount of sky credits pay amount is set to.
/trigger stat set 1 - Will display in chat, your sky credit total.

To pay a player sky credits, you must use two triggers. First set the amount with "/trigger payAmount set [amount]". Next, get the id of the player you would like to pay. The ids are displayed next to their name in the tab player list. Lastly, do "/trigger pay set [id]" and it will pay that player the amount payAmount is set to.

If there is any information you would like to see added to this shoot me a message, Thank you.


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