I lost all of my botania relics and I need help

Jul 23, 17 4:49



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The other day I was fighting a chaos guardian when I didnt realize my flux capacitors have ran out of power and I unfortunately died.I had my ring of odin in my baubles slot and my other relics in my knapsack( fruit of grisaia, eye of the flugel, key of the king's law), the contents of which spilled out when I died (something I did not know at the time...) I tried getting them again by defeating gaia II a couple of times but with no luck, the only thing I got were the 2 relics I never had in the first place, the ring of thor and the ring of loki.I searched a bit and found that they cannot be obtained more than once, to get them back one would have to reset my achievements so I came up with 2 solutions to this:

1.One of the people who can access server files goes to /world/stats/ and deletes the file named "1ed4aa77-f20a-4f96-a709-937bd5c3616e"(yes, that is my UUID) , that would reset my achievements entirely.

2.An admin can give me the relics I am missing ( ring of odin, fruit of grisaia, eye of the flugel and key of the king's law) in exchange  for 4 gaia spirit ingots which I would have otherwise used to summon Gaia II ( the boss that drops the dice of fate from which these relics are materialized)

I would not mind if it is not possible for me to get them back and it would be awesome if you can fix this :)

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