Creative server is open!

Jul 26, 17 7:12



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The creative server is now open to whitelist applicants! You can message either Me or Saenaria on DIscord, or leave a reply below to be put onto the whitelist.

Please be aware that the same server rules apply on the creative server as they do on any other server. 

The server contains build plots, as well as a community build world where members can build larger structures together with the rest of Strictly, This is also where we will hold build competitions, such as the Pixel Art Competition coming up soon! Please be sure to submit your ideas for a theme here:

The IP to the server is so please take note that it is not strictlyvanilla, but strictlygaming. (I made that mistake a couple times)

If any bugs/exploits are found, please directly message me through discord or in a post below with the top line saying a bug or exploit has been found. Please explain what was going on when the bug or exploit was found, and what happened as a result. While it is open to those who wish to be added to the whitelist, there may still be bugs present. I will do my best to patch any bug found to help assist with the server and the amazing group known as Strictly Gaming Group. 

Thank you for taking the time and patience to read and reply with anything found, or recommendations!

Build on!


Jul 26, 17 21:42



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Put me onto the whitelist :) 


Feb 08, 18 20:43



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I'd love to look at the builds, but I'm nowhere near good enough for an art competition in MC

Aug 11, 18 9:17



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Can I be put onto the whitelist? I love y'all's servers, but im really bad a survival :0

IGN: 24Carrit

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