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I'm looking for ideas for minigames. For sure, two are going to be The Walls and Race for the Wool! 
Put your suggestions down below!

Aug 01, 17 5:49



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Missile Wars! Missile Wars is a vanilla Minecraft mini-game where you launch missiles to destroy your opponent's portal, while defending your own. The missiles are in the fourm of spawn eggs, and when you place it down a slime powered missile full of tnt will go towards the enemy teams base.

Aug 01, 17 13:57



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randomly generated maze. I have the logic for one but I never got around to building one lol.

Sep 03, 17 17:53



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Halo 3's Fatkid

Everyone vs 1 heavily beefed opponent, slowly making his/her way up an obstacle course tower to the top. Must be defeated by then, using weapons found around the map. Anyone taken out becomes minions of the "Fatkid", being fast, strong, but weak defenses.

I imagine custom weapons are a must here.

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