Melenda's Staff Application

Aug 01, 17 14:39



Likes: 18
Dislikes: 4
Donated: 40

Your In Game Name:

What time zone are you in?:

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
7 Years.

How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla?:
6 Months.

Why do you want to be staff?:
I would like to be staff to help combat the amount of rule breakers that arise between the times of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. EST. I have noticed during these times that a lot of rule breakers come on and all I can do is take a screenshot of their bad behavior and hope a staff sees my message.

Are you in any major factions? if so what one?:
I am in the faction of Town Town.

Will you abuse any power given to you?:
No. Abuse of power leads to mistrust of authority.

What are the rules for players in your own words?:
No hacking or any type of mods besides the ones allowed on the fourms. Swearing is not allowed by any means. Don't argue with staff when it comes to enforcement of the rules. Be kind to other players in chat. Breaking the rules will get you either warned, kicked, temporary banned, or permanently banned.

What are the Rules for staff in your own words?:
They must follow all the rules that regular players follow, but more strictly. They must not abuse any power given to them. Abuse of power is an instant demotion or a ban if the abuse is serious enough.

Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found?:
Yes, I agree that if abuse is found that the player(s) should be banned.

Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?:
Yes, like every other staff member.

Any other information you would like to provide.:
I use to be very into vanilla when I first started playing Minecraft, but as I kept playing I gravitated towards minigames and Modded. This is the first server that I have tried to get really good at Minecraft and build a great base. I am on this server for atleast 3 hours a day and since being apart of the awesome base Town Town that number just keeps growing. This server has made me cut down on my cursing in real life and that shows this server has really grown on me. I am very thankful for being a part of this server and hope to be a part of it for a long time!

Aug 01, 17 14:40



Likes: 3
Dislikes: 0
Donated: 0

There are a few people that I have seen on this server that I thougt "They need to be staff". This person right here is one of those people +1

Aug 01, 17 15:15



Likes: 48
Dislikes: 6
Donated: 55

Def a +1 to Mel. Very nice person to work with in game and has always abided by the rules from what I can tell. Mel also I've noticed plays during the late hours when few staff are on. Melenda would make a great warning team member in my opinion.

Gl Mel


Aug 01, 17 16:08



Likes: 16
Dislikes: 7
Donated: 3570

I give a +1. Definitely a good player, and certainly [would be] a good staff member.

Aug 01, 17 22:38



Likes: 32
Dislikes: 4
Donated: 10

You seem to be a wonderful part of the community every time I see you



Aug 03, 17 9:28



Likes: 20
Dislikes: 2
Donated: 0

+1 to Mel. You've been very helpful to our current staff, being active in our report links discord channel as well as politely reminding players of our chat guidelines occasionally. You'd be a great addition to our team, best luck to you

Aug 03, 17 13:22



Likes: 3
Dislikes: 0
Donated: 20

+1 from me . always on top of things, taking screen shots, reporting them etc :D

Aug 03, 17 22:55



Likes: 8
Dislikes: 0
Donated: 0

+1 from me 

Aug 05, 17 5:22



Likes: 20
Dislikes: 9
Donated: 0

The majority of messages on report-links-only are from you, and I've seen ig that you keep an eye on things, so a definite +1! :D

Aug 08, 17 3:52



Likes: 12
Dislikes: 0
Donated: 5

Hi Melenda!! In my opinion, you help alot when it comes to informing the rules, and reporting the rule breakers. It's much appreciated. You are also a kind person, and responsible. +1 Good luck!!!

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