ban appeal for cornerstone04

Sep 02, 17 15:43



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not entirely sure how to do this, but here goes: i was coming back from the nether and then my game crashed, then i logged back in and i fell from high up onto flat stone for terrain (the portal was Underground), i kept getting disconnected until i got killed by saelanrian and then i found out this afternoon that i was banned. Im typing this on my friends computer, in case you guys are checking ip. i hope that you guys will give me the benefit of the doubt, sorry if i have offended your rules in any way, and thank you for your consideration

Sep 02, 17 18:23



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Well, I didn't mean to kill you, I forgot I had fire aspect on my sword, but you were not on any stone, you were floating very high in the air.
However crashing while using a nether portal is known to cause glitches, so I will accept your appeal.

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